Thrilling Water Rides with Superior Safety Features – in Your Own Backyard

As Australia’s leading retailer of quality residential swimming pool slides, our promise to you is:

“If you find a safer, better built domestic pool water slide made in Australia, we’ll buy it for you!”

So far no one’s taken us up on our offer!

Aqua Action offers an exciting range of highly durable slides in all shapes, colours and sizes so you can transform your yard into your very own personal water park. Enjoy the blast of a theme park adventure with your kids, family and friends from the comfort of your own pool.

With our two top-selling, crowd-pleasing favourites – the 2 metres high Wild Ride Water Slide and the 360˚ adrenalin rush of our G-Force Water Slide – your pool experience is sure to be wilder, safer and lots more fun.

Our slides not only look great and have fantastic water flow, they also offer state-of-the-art safety features. That’s because they boast a unique manufacturing and engineering design which put them in a class of their own. The bottom line is you and your family can have hours of poolside fun with the knowledge you have purchased the ultimate in safety slides.

As the sole Australian distributor of Inter-Fab, America’s largest pool slide manufacturer, Aqua Action’s slides are a high-quality investment that will add value to your family’s fun factor, and to your property.

Doorstep delivery to almost anywhere in Australia!