White Water Slide


Available Colours

This rugged slide will give you years of wild poolside fun. Measuring 1.2 metres high at seat level and is equipped with the ‘Zoom Flume’ patented water supply system delivering gushing water of over 120 litres per minute to the slide ensuring a slippery sliding surface for wild excitement and faster action.



WOW what a ride!


Fully enclosed non-skid steps ensures safety for all ages. Rugged stainless steel rails, legs and hardware provide strength and long-lasting beauty in all weather conditions. Our slide is manufactured with ACTRA™ acrylic that provides superior flexibility and fade- resistance. The White Water slide will retain its good looks for many years.



  • 1.2 m high at the seat
  • Available in Blue, Tan, White or Grey
  • Stainless Steel Rails and Legs
  • Easy DIY Assembly & Installation
  • Discreetly Sits Below Privacy Fencing
  • Minimum Recommended Deck Space 3.6m x 1.5m

Backed by a 3-Year Warranty