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Everything you need to know About Us – Fred & Jeanette are Directors of their Sydney-based Company and are committed to providing you with the safest and highest quality pool water slides and other pool products to ensure that you and your family can maximise your fun in the pool with complete peace of mind. Personal service and advice are #1 priority to our customers.

Our range of pool slides are recognised the world’s safest and best and along with our rails & ladders, diving boards, pool games and accessibility quipment we provide you with everything you could possibly need to make the most out of you beautiful swimming pool. We deliver Australia Wide!

Our Promise To You “If you find a safer, better built domestic pool water slide made in Australia that meets international safety standards, we’ll buy it for you!”

That was how committed we are to safety and quality and how confident we are that our slides are ahead of our competition.

Turn Your Home Swimming Pool into an Exciting Waterpark!

Add a Pool Slide for Loads of Fun 

You’ve put a lot of thought into choosing the right pool for your home, carefully selecting all of its features. You’ve dreamed of creating the ideal outdoor lifestyle that everyone in the family will enjoy. Now it’s time to consider accessories for your pool! 

Turn your backyard into a thrilling waterpark with a pool slide from Aqua Action! A slide is a great way to keep the kids safe at home and entertained for hours. Your house will become the center of activity, the place everyone wants to be!

Select Your Design

No matter the size or shape of your in-ground pool, Aqua Action has a slide that will fit. Your pool becomes a thrill ride when you choose a slide with rushing water, exhilarating dips, a deep flume, long runway or wild curves. 

Our slides aren’t just for children. They’re built to accommodate “BIG KIDS” up to 124 kilos!

Consider these features:

  • Straight, curved or corkscrew design
  • Variety of heights, ranging from 1.5 to 2.6 meters
  • Stays cool to the touch even in extreme temperatures
  • Integrated water system for a Very Fast, Smooth ride
  • Curved slides available with right or left orientations
  • Use in fresh-water or salt-water environments 

Made in the USA

All of our slides are made in the U.S. and meet that country’s extremely strict standards. They’re manufactured by S.R. Smith, a global leader of commercial and residential pool deck equipment including rails and ladders, diving boards, games, starting blocks, lifts and pool lighting products. 

S.R. Smith has been in business since 1932 with a singular focus: to create products that enhance the pool experience. They’re known worldwide for their quality and safety, which is why Aqua Action sells their products exclusively. 

Because the pool slides are manufactured abroad and shipped to Australia, we recommend pre-ordering, so your slide arrives by the time your pool is finished.

Sturdy Construction

Extremely solid and durable, our slides are intended to provide years of maintenance-free use:

  • Made from thick roto-molded polyethylene; sturdier than fiberglass slides
  • Designed with wide bases to safely spread the load
  • Integrated water delivery system for high water flow
  • Unlikely to crack, break or lose their shape
  • UV treated to resist fading in the harsh Australian sun 
  • Easy to clean and maintain

All of our slides come with a three-year manufacturer’s warranty. 

Safety Is a Top Priority

Every one of our slides has been designed with safety in mind. They fully comply with the U.S. Consumer Protection Safety Commission’s (CPSC) standards for swimming pool slides (16 CFR 1207). 

Safety is engineered into the slides with:

  • Enclosed ladders
  • Easy-to-grip hand-rails
  • Non-slip treads
  • Easy installation, whether by a professional or homeowner

Why Buy from Aqua Action 

Choosing a slide for your pool is a big decision. You’re investing a lot in your pool, so you want to be sure the slide looks great, compliments your pool and surrounds, adds value to your property and provides you with many years of fun. 

Unlike most other distributors who sell via a shopping cart and don’t offer many details about their products, Aqua Action gives you personalised service and advice. 

Based in Sydney, New South Wales, we’ve been in business serving clients Australia wide for over 12 years. We can make helpful recommendations to ensure you choose a slide that’s right for your pool and your family. Contact us to discuss your project. 

In addition to slides, we also sell:

  • Rails & ladders
  • Pool games: basketball & volleyball
  • In-pool furniture
  • Pool lighting
  • Diving boards 
  • Lifts for safe pool access

Aqua Action looks forward to becoming your go-to source for slides and all your other pool accessories!

See How Your Slide Will Look

Choosing the perfect slide for your pool is challenging. It can be hard to get an accurate impression of how the slide will look and fit on your pool from a catalog photo. So we’ve come up with a better way. 

Our smartphone app uses Augmented Reality to let you virtually place your slide on your pool and see exactly how it will look!  Download the app