Some frequently asked questions from Mums, Dads, Grandparents and Kids

How much weight can your waterslides handle?
Aqua Action Slides are built with the whole family in mind. The ‘Wild Ride’ ‘G-Force’ and ‘X-Stream’ are all made to hold up to 113kg. So that means EVERYONE can have fun in the pool with their Aqua Action Slide! The Zoomerang Slide is made for younger children, or those who are limited on surrounding pool space – but it can still take up to 90kg.
Will the colour fade?
Aqua Action Slides are made from a strong acrylic material and treated with a UV protection coat to guard your Slide from the harsh Australian sun. Like any object that you leave outside all day, every day the Slide will fade, but only the slightest bit. Because the colour is incorporated into the acrylic material, the fading is much less obvious than an object that has been brushed over with actual paint or coating.
How long will it take to arrive from the day I order my Slide?
If you decide on adding a Wild Ride Waterslide to your pool, the average delivery time is within 1-5 days, anywhere in Australia. This is because the Wild Ride is our most popular slide and it’s kept in stock at our Parramatta warehouse in NSW. Our other slides such as the G-Force and X-Stream for example, have to be ordered in from America and in some cases can take up to 8 weeks, depending on Australian Customs. The Build Your Own Slide is specially made for YOUR unique backyard setting, so these have to be reviewed over by one of the helpful staff at Aqua Action, so that the design fits perfectly into your backyard. These slides are made on demand, so unfortunately we can’t give an estimated delivery time until the order has been placed.
Where do the slides get their water from?
The majority of our slides are installed when the pool is being built, so the water stub-sup (water source) is plumbed into the correct location at the time of the pool build. If you have purchased a slide AFTER your pool is built, this is still OK! The water can be tapped from the external outlet of your pool filter – like having a water feature or waterfall added after you’ve built your pool. Then the water runs through a soft type of tubing along the ground to the Slide, then re-circulates from the pool to the filter and then to the slide – so there is no wasting water (especially with today’s harsh water restrictions!)

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