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The perfect way to rejuvenate your pool

Swimming Pool Slides & Accessories

Bring the wow factor and turn your pool into a haven of fun

Australia's Best Pool Water Slides

Experience unparalleled poolside thrills with our top-of-the-line slides. Combining strength, safety, and pure fun.

Guaranteed To Last for Many Years

Bid farewell to flimsy slides. Our slides are built to endure, boasting unmatched durability and longevity.

The Gold Standard of Excellence

Designed & manufactured in the USA with the finest materials, our slides represent the gold standard of quality.

Why It's Important to Pre-Order Your Slide

Secure your ultimate pool slide today and be the envy of every neighbour. With demand soaring, pre-ordering is essential to guaranteeing your spot in the upcoming swim season.

Slides can sometimes take up to 16 weeks to arrive which is why we recommend pre-ordering now to avoid disappointment

Cyclone Slide

  • CPC Compliant and is designed for quick and easy assembly & deck mounted installation.

  • Available in colours to compliment the pool and patio areas (Taupe and Gray).

  • Compact style ideal for limited deck space and smaller pools.

  • Sturdy rotomoulded construction for strength and durability.

  • Water delivery system connects to a garden hose.

  • Fully rotomoulded construction provides strength and durability for years to come.

  • Enclosed ladder design for maximum safety.

  • Designed for children (and adults) up to 79kg

  • Salt pool friendly

  • Built-in UV inhibitors to resist fading.

  • Made in the USA.

  • Height: 124cm.

  • For use on in-ground pools only.

SR Smith HeliX2 Slide

HeliX2 Slide

  • Brings excitement to your backyard.

  • Complement any backyard poolscape.

  • Available in Sandstone or Grey Granite.

  • 360 degrees of excitement.

  • Accommodates sliders up to 113kg.

  • Salt Pool Friendly.

  • Intended for in-ground swimming pools only.
SR Smith Turbo Twister Slide

Turbo Twister Slide

  • Waterpark thrills in your own backyard.

  • Sturdy molded-in handrails and an enclosed ladder.

  • Compliant with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission Standards.

  • Accommodates sliders up to 124kg.

  • Height: 2.6M.

  • Available in right and left curves.

  • Flume is 4.3M in length.

  • Required deck space: 4.1M x 2M.

SR Smith Typhoon Water Slide

Typhoon Water Slide

  • 2.2M tall to the top of the handrails.

  • Available in sandstone and grey granite colours.

  • Moulded-in handgrips provide maximum safety for smaller users.

  • Unique water delivery system offers lots of rushing water for a fun ride.

  • Designed with safety in mind and is compliant with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission Standards.

  • Accommodates sliders up to 124kg.

  • Available in right or left curves.

  • Flume is 3M in length.

  • Required deck space: 3.5M x 1.2M.

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Let’s face it, pools are meant to be fun, create enjoyment and bring special moments.

They shouldn’t sit idle waiting to be used.

You deserve a pool slide that transforms an ordinary pool into an adventure playground for the entire family.

Swimming Pool Slides And Pool Accessories


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Bring some SERIOUS FUN to your pool with our exciting range of swimming pool slides - there's something to suit everyone - even the 'BIG KIDS.
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In-Pool Furniture

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Our In-Pool Furniture will transform your swimming pool area from an ordinary pool to a pool with well equipped features that stand out.
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Rails & Ladders

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Either traditional designs or sleek modern styles - there's a rail or ladder to suit every pool.
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Pool Games

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Adding a basketball hoop or volleyball game to your pool will provide your family with some extra fun and excitement!
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In-Pool Lighting

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Our In-Pool Lighting will double your swim time and bring a wow to your pool.
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The best diving board made by our experienced manufacturers will provide that extra thrill and splash to your
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We offer a complete line of pool lifts that allow disabled and mobility challenged people to safely access pools and spas.
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Swimming Pool Slides And Pool Accessories
If your pool isn’t drawing the kids to it like a magnet, then it’s time to get a swimming pool slide.

You want your pool filled with action and your kids off their devices. They need more than a few plastic toys and a game of Marco Polo.

“We understand what it’s like to want something fun for the kids and grandkids to play on. After we went through the frustration of trying to find a safe durable water slide in Australia we were forced to look elsewhere. That’s when we found SR Smith who specialise in the highest quality slides in the US and decided to help other families, like yours, bring the fun back to their pool.”

Fred & Jeanette

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Swimming Pool Slides Fred & Jeanette

Pool slides guaranteed to create stories that will be told for generations

15 years experience

When you are buying something as important as a pool slide, you want experience.

Safety is our priority

Shaped in way to ensure a safe slide when used correctly.

Last twice as long as a fibreglass slide

Our rotomolded slides will last 15 - 20 years compared to 5 - 10 with a fibreglass.

The highest quality

Our slides are designed using rotomolding to ensure quality, comfort and fun.

Leader in pool slides

SR Smith, our supplier has over 50 years experience in creating the perfect slide.

#1 in Poolside fun and relaxation

We are dedicated to bringing out the full potential of your investment with our poolside accessories.
HeliX2 Pool Slide SR Smith

You can trust our slides to be the one thing your whole family will love.

Our Guarantee

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If you find a safer, better built pool water slide made in Australia that meets international safety standards, we’ll buy it for you!​

3 Easy Steps To Creating a Haven of Fun

Follow these steps

Step 1

Your Catalogue

Our catalogue has all of the products and prices making it easy for you to choose.

Step 2

Your Order

You can place it here right on our website or over the phone. We take a deposit and the rest is paid before delivery.

Step 3

Lifelong Memories Are Created​

You and your family will talk about the fun that was had in your pool for generations.

Due to demand and to avoid disappointment, we recommend you order as soon as you can. Pool slides can take up to 12 - 16 weeks to arrive.

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Supplier in Australia

Happy customers

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You see a slide, you smile. It doesn’t matter who you are. We believe the right pool slide is going to make your pool fun forever.

Not Sure If You Have The Room Or If It Will Work In Your Yard And Pool?

No worries, we built an app exactly for that purpose. See a virtual installation of your slide next to your pool and take a photo of it to see what it looks like. It’s all to scale. You will be able to walk around the slide and take a photo at every angle.
Here’s how it works:
  1. Download free app.
  2. Take a photo of your pool and easily place the slide where you want it to see a virtual image.
  3. Remove the guesswork with buying a pool slide!

Imagine how much fun you and your kids will have with a pool slide.

You won’t have to wonder where your child is, what they’re doing or it to be hard to get them off their devices. With a new pool slide, you will create a fun park in your backyard.
Slide Away

About to install a pool?

Then it’s perfect timing to get a slide. It’s easier to install and you will take your pool experience to a whole new level.

There’s no need to wait.
Order the slide you want today.

We know you want your slide immediately, however, you must think of your new slide like a quality car. Most of the time it takes a little while for your car to be ready.

All good things take time.
Some slides are kept in stock, however, most of the time it will take 12 – 16 weeks. We highly recommend you order as soon as you can so you have it for the season.

We wish we could get a slide as good as these in Australia. We love supporting Aussie as well.

Australia currently doesn’t have any quality standards. However, the US have some of the highest standards in the world because they have been making slides for a lot longer than us. 

Our slides are strong, very strong. The weight limit is 124kg. This doesn’t mean two small adults, just one person at a time. Remember, always be safe.

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