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Finding the Perfect Pool Slide for the Entire Family

Swimming Pool Slides

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Aqua Action is a world-class firm dedicated to pool slide construction and installation. If you are searching for the perfect slide for the kids, we have slides that are a fun option to add to your current pool at home. Our rotomolded water slides cater to adults and children, with the structure rated to handle heavy human traffic.

Why get a pool slide?

There are multiple types of slides to select from and install in above-ground or inground swimming pools. Most slides have ladders with extended pool handrails on the sides of the steps to assist the slider in safely making the transition to the runway. The slides also have high sides on the slide flume and non-slip treads that protect sliders from falling off the side.

According to HomeAdvisor, you can install a pool slide anywhere around the pool. In addition, installing a pool water slide is not just for fun. It has other benefits for your kids, including:

  • It helps strengthen and develop your kids’ fine and gross motor skills.
  • It can rejuvenate and calm your kids, with slide play offering sensory benefits and enabling children to relax, order their thoughts, and unwind.
  • Allow kids to engage in dramatic play on the slide and in the pool, which is perfect for learning sentence structure and language development.
  • Enables your child to learn to take turns and share as they use the slides one person at a time.

Common shapes for inground pool slides

There are two main pool slides types: curved and corkscrew. A curved slide runway curves out of the vertical plane at any point along the slide path. The curved embankment provides fun for all children or anyone who is a child at heart. And because of the embankment run loop, your kids will slide down and run up, again and again, to keep themselves constantly entertained and moving!

Corkscrew slides are known for thrills with their height, fast-paced slips, and sudden twists. The joy of turning and twisting down an unknown path will motivate your kids to keep playing, giving them maximum fun and the most developmental benefits!

What we offer

Aqua Action sells and installs the best pool slides in Australia. Our slides are safe, stable, strong, and ideal for the whole family. Moreover, you will receive a free Australian holiday when you buy a diving board, pool water slide, or other selected product!

Other reasons why you should buy a pool slide include:

  • They have a store-away function and a simple setup.
  • You can choose one of the two attractive colours to complement your patio and pool areas.
  • They have a patented water feature that runs on an optimised water delivery system for an enhanced fountain effect.
  • They are constructed in a way to ensure safety when used correctly.

Other pool products

We also have other products that go well with a water slide. For instance, you can buy pool handrails to boost your slide’s safety and make them more accessible for you, your kids, and your guests. In addition, you can purchase pool ladders to facilitate a safe exit and entry into the slide areas. Our pool ladders have a sturdy construction and resist long-term damage from UV ray exposure.

Let us help you

Aqua Action is committed to offering the highest quality and safest pool water slides and other pool products so that you and your family can enjoy your time in the pool. Our products are Australian-made, and we offer clients interest-free payment instalments ranging from 12 months to 4 years. Contact us to get started.

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