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Pool Rails & Ladders To Allow Safe & Easy Access To Your Pool

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You may have had a pool for a few years now or perhaps you are building a new pool for you and your family. Have you considered ease of access to and from the pool? It’s not always an easy task for young children or older adults to access the pool without a struggle.

Always look for those unique design elements that make a pool special. When choosing ladders and rails you can turn an ordinary pool into the extraordinary with both form and function in elegant designs.

Pool rails and ladders have been around since pools were first invented but things have changed and materials have improved over the years.  Yes, you can still access traditional designs, but now there are so many more to choose from as well Custom Rails of any size or shape as Designer Looks to modernise your pool.

Most rails can be installed before or after your pool is built and are easily installed either by your pool builder or any handyman. You can use a company called “Hire A Hubby” who do a great job for our clients in installing their pool slides, rails and ladders.



Recommendations for your Swimming Pool’s Rails and Ladders

Marine Grade Stainless Steel is recommended for rails and ladders as it will stand up to harsh climates and even salt water. You will also find these days there are many types of finishing options available to enhance your pool rails or ladders. These give a higher level of protection to the marine grade stainless steel. Coatings are available in a variety of colours as well as a clear finish option. Some of these include Clear ShieldTM Powder coating (a durable finish that is easy to maintain, corrosion and scratch resistant) in colours such as Pearl White, Aztec Black and Stone Beige.

SealedSteel® houses the steel in a protective coating that virtually eliminates corrosion and stays cool to the touch, even in extreme temperatures. Available colours are: Pearl White, Pewter Grey, Gloss Black, Light Blue, Dark Blue and Beige.


For more information on Rails, Ladders or access equipment for your pool please contact Aqua Action Pool Products on 1800 754 337 or 0401 754 337 or visit www.slides.net.au

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