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Why should I have a Water Slide for a home Pool?

Not only does a Pool Water Slide add value to your pool and your home in general, but, it provides years of fun and excitement for all the family.  A pool without a slide is just a very nice pool, but adding an Aqua Action Slide brings an extra element of entertainment with every twist or turn of a slide the adrenaline starts pumping and the splash and fun are never ending as you slide into the pool.

How do I know which is the best Water Slide for my Pool ?

There are many slides to choose from, but it really boils down to which slide will fit in best with your pool surrounds and the space you have available to install the slide.  If space is not an issue, you can really have any type of slide such as something from our ‘ready-made’ range, such as the Turbo Twister pool slide,  or 360o  twist of the Helix2 or the sheer speed of the Typhoon slide.   However, you may be restricted with the available area where you would like to place your slide and the smaller Slide Away Slide may suit best. For portability and for those of you who just don’t want a permanent structure in their pool the latest release of the SlideAway will be the perfect addition to your pool.

Will the slide I like fit into my pool area?

If you are still unsure which would be best we now have a solution to your problem.  At Aqua Action we have developed an Augmented Reality App for either iPhone or Android phones.  This app will allow you to go to the pool, take a snap of the area of your choice and import the slide that you like to actually see that slide (which is imported to scale) in that space. You can move the slide around as if it is actually there looking from every angle and taking snaps of each angle as you go. This app really makes choosing the right slide for your pool very easy and takes all the guess work out of the equation.

Who can install a Water slide for me?

A tradesperson or handyman/woman can easily install most of the ready-made types of slides for home pools.  Larger slides are best left to the expert installers.

All of our slides are very easily installed with detailed installation instructions available with each slide and easily downloaded from our manufacturer’s website.  You can also choose to view video of each individual installation to see how to install the slide of your choice.

Where can I buy a waterslide for home?

There are several styles of water slides for sale Australia wide, however the best and safest slides are manufactured in USA and that is why Aqua Action Slides only choose the best as Safety and Quality are core values of our company. 

Swimming pool slippery dips have been around for many decades, from home made pool slides to custom made modular pool slides that meander down a steep slope or even a plastic sheet. Some of these looked great but safety was far from the mind of the riders in those days.

Now with strict international safety standards the current range of Water Slides for Residential Pools are strong, safe and made to last. 

If you want to add value to your home and enjoy years of fun with your family in your pool a water slide is definitely the answer.

Give us a call today on 1800 SLIDES if you’d like to discuss in more detail which swimming pool slide you’d like to add to your pool.


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