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Pool lifts for the disabled or mobility challenged

Pool Lifts For The Mobility Challenged

Everyone should be able to experience the joy and cool relief of the pool

Have fun with
loved ones

Experience relief from The heat

Get the exercise
you need

If you are mobility challenged, we understand how hard it is to enjoy the luxury of a pool – and we believe this isn’t right.

You deserve to enjoy the pool just like everyone else.

Pool Slide Elders
SR Smith Lift

Pool Lift

  • 360° rotation for transfer safety and flexibility.

  • Compact design requires minimal deck space.

  • Integrated armrests.

  • Sturdy and generous rotomolded seat.

  • LiftOperator® Intelligent Controller with 24V battery.

  • Full range of operation from handset and control box.

  • Powder-coated stainless steel and aluminium construction.

  • 136kg pound lifting capacity.
SR Smith Lift

Mobile Pool Lift

  • Portable, free-standing pool lift.

  • 240° rotation that aids in a safe transfer area.

  • 136kg lifting capacity.
SR Smith Lift

PAL2 Mobile
Pool Lift

  • Portable, free-standing pool lift.

  • LiftOperator Intelligent Control (mounted on the mast).

  • Waterproof hand control.

  • Seatbelt assembly.

  • 136kg lifting capacity.

  • 240 degree rotation.
SR Smith Lift

Splash! Aquatic Lift W/ Armrest

  • Also available in an Extended Reach version.

  • Installs into your pool deck via anchor and can be easily removed with the included caddy.

  • 344° rotation ensures a safe transfer area.

  • Include the LiftOperator Intelligent Control.

  • 181kg for Splash!, 136kg for Splash! Extended Reach.
Pool Lift 3

Many of us hold fond memories of the pool: swimming with friends and family, escaping the heat and soaking up the sun on a warm day.

If you are mobility challenged you shouldn’t have to sit on the sidelines in the heat, or inside while your loved ones enjoy the pool. It should be as easy for you to get in and out as it is for others.

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3 Easy Steps To Making It Easier To
Get In And Out Of The Pool​

Get the pool chair lift you need

Step 1

Your Catalogue

Our catalogue has all of the products and prices making it easy for you to choose.

Step 2

Your Order

You can place it here right on our website or over the phone. We take a deposit and the rest is paid before delivery.

Step 3

Enter the pool with ease.

Now everyone can enjoy using the pool whether it's for exercise, relaxation or cooling off.
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The pool is meant to be enjoyed by everyone, including you. Enjoy the pool alongside your friends and family, cool off, and discover the ease of entering and exiting the pool.

Go beyond the limitations.

Get Ready To Plan More Pool Fun

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Your Pool Is About To Get A Whole
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Your Pool Is About To Get A Whole
Lot More Fun

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