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Mondo Diving Platform SR Smith

Pool Diving Boards

Leap into Summer with our range of diving boards!

Dive safely into your pool

Practice diving for competitions

Create fun times for the family

When the heat comes, so does the desire to dive into the cool water.

That first dive shouldn’t be boring, it should have some spring to it. That’s where your new diving board comes in.

Pool Diving Board 1
SR Smith Diving Board

Bombora Diving Board​

  • Sleek appearance.

  • Strong construction.

  • Available in white or pewter grey.

  • Durable, scratch-resistant acrylic.
SR Smith Diving Board

Mondo Diving Platform

  • Brings excitement to your backyard.

  • Complement any backyard pool-scape.

  • Three natural colours to blend into your backyard decor.

  • High-grade, slip-resistant sand tread for maximum safety.
SR Smith Diving Board

Jump Board

  • Designed for new and retrofit applications.

  • Designed to stand up to harsh pool environments.

  • Features a high-grade, slip-resistant tread surface for maximum safety.

  • Available in white or pewter grey.
SR Smith Diving Board

TrueTread Diving Board White

  • Revolutionary TrueTread™ surface provides a modern, sporty look & feel.

  • Unique texture provides an exceptional launching grip that’s easy on the feet.

  • Can be paired with most S.R.Smith diving stands.

  • Ideal replacement board, provides a fresh, custom look.

  • Available in 183 cm and 244 cm lengths.

  • Salt Pool Friendly.
Pool Diving Board 3

Each diving board features:

High-Grade materials

Slip-resistant sand tread for maximum safety

Instructional diving video

Accent Image

You didn’t build a pool to just sit there.

It was built to entertain, to have family get togethers, to see who can make the biggest splash, and children polishing up their skills.
You deserve to get your money’s worth of laughter and fun with a new diving board.

3 Easy Steps To Creating a Haven of Fun​

Follow these steps

Step 1

Your Catalogue

Our catalogue has all of the products and prices making it easy for you to choose.

Step 2

Your Order

You can place it here right on our website or over the phone. We take a deposit and the rest is paid before delivery.

Step 3

Experience the thrill of a perfect dive

You pool just got a whole lot more exciting. Make sure you send us your photos.

Diving boards are fun for everyone, and make the perfect addition to any pool.

They create opportunities, conversation topics, and bring a splash.
The adrenaline rush of jumping into water from a diving board is unrivalled and unmatched!

Simply having a pool isn’t enough reason for people to use it, it needs to pique interest and curiosity.

Don’t let another season go by where your pool lies empty, still and quiet, order your pool diving board today.

To safely install an S.R.Smith diving board, the pool must have a “minimum diving water envelope” as defined by the United States pool industry safety standards (ANSI/APSP/ICC-5 2011 Standard for Residential Inground Swimming Pools or ANSI/NSPI-1 2003 Standard for Public Swimming Pools). Diving envelopes range from a Type 0 (non-diving pool) up to a Type IX (large, commercial swimming pool). These Pool Types are determined by a series of depth measurements, including several width and depth measurements at various points in your pool. 

Since pools come in many shapes and sizes, it is best to contact a pool professional in your area to measure and type your pool, and provide you with diving board options that are appropriate for your pool. In addition, not all diving boards and stands are designed to work together. Your pool professional can make sure that the diving board and stand you have selected are compatible.

You should have your diving board properly replaced by a reputable pool professional in your area. Professional installation of your diving board ensures that the board is properly fit to your pool’s size and shape. Diving boards should never be removed and used in another pool without proper consultation with a professional. Please visit our dealer locator to search for a qualified pool professional in your area.

You can use one of our epoxy kits to reconfigure the bolt pattern for a new stand. The old bolts can be sawed off flush with the deck, and new bolts installed. You may have to move the bolt pattern slightly to avoid the existing bolts.

Visually inspect the board for any cracks, rusting hardware, or other damage. Any sign of damage is immediate cause for board replacement.

The minimum concrete pad for a residential diving board is 243.8 cm by 122 cm by 15.2 cm. Diving stands have to meet local government codes. Please check with your pool professional and reference your diving board’s installation manual for exact requirements.

Yes. Epoxy kits are available for surface mounting various bolt patterns to support diving board stands. We also have kits available for pavered decks.

A jump board is a board on a stand that has a spring of some sort; a diving board is a board on a stationary, non-spring stand.

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Your Pool Is about to get a whole
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