Splash! Aquatic Lift w/ Armrest


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The Splash! Lift (also available in an Extended Reach version) installs into your pool deck via anchor and can be easily removed with the included caddy. 344° rotation ensures a safe transfer area. Standard features include the Lift operator Intelligent Control, a 24-volt rechargeable battery, waterproof hand control, armrests, footrest, seatbelt assembly, and caddy.

Specifications: Lifting capacity: 181kg for Splash!, 136kg for Splash! Extended Reach. Powder-coated stainless steel and aluminium.

Part Number(s): 300-0000EU, 370-0000EU

Shipping Dimensions:
Reg: 127kg: 102cm x 122cm x 152cm. ER: 152kg: 102cm x 122cm x 198cm

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Standard, Extended Reach

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