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Earn Income From Your Pool with Swimply

Aqua Action Slides has partnered with Swimply to help you make the most of your pool! Swimply is the world’s first online marketplace for pool sharing, allowing you to earn extra income and bring the community together.

How does it work?


  • Pools are available to book on Swimply from $30 to $200+ per hour. Hosts on Swimply earn up to $40,000 per season

  • You and your guests are protected, Swimply provides cover of $2,000,000 on every booking.

  • All you need is five minutes and a phone to list your pool!


See how much you could earn

Your pool your rules


  • Choose when the pool is for hire, and when it’s all yours. If you want to keep Friday afternoons just for you, go for it!

  • Choose what’s allowed and what isn’t at your pool.

  • You can review all guest booking requests and manually approve or decline them. 

  • Before you approve, make sure you are comfortable with the Guest. Ask questions via the secure messaging system, set expectations and make sure you’re happy with the details of the request.


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Add a slide to your pool and earn even more! Pools with slides on Swimply may be able to:


  • Earn a Higher booking rate: Stand out from the crowd and draw attention to your pool with a pool slide

  • Attract Larger family groups: All the family will want to join in on the booking! Make sure your tiered pricing is activated to account for a higher rate for a larger group.

  • Attract Longer bookings: The kids won’t want to go home, turn that hour booking into two with the addition of a slide.

List your pool

To find out more email aussiehosts@swimply.com or call 0482 097 785

Your Pool Is about to get a whole
lot more fun

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