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Ultimate Indoor and Outdoor To-Do Lists amidst the Quarantine

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In the midst of physical distancing, people have no other choice but to stay at home and be prepared. While we’re used to working or studying outside of our home, now, people will be forced to stay at home while still contributing to the community. Most people don’t realise that going out, traveling, and other responsibilities outdoors take so much of our time.

And during this quarantine, people are now getting a BIG chunk of their time back.

Normally, some of us are going to spend their time doing chores, reading, swimming in the pool, or even catching up on their favourite series. For some, maybe trying to fit their everyday routines within the four corners of their household. Whatever you do, you’re looking at a lot of time getting bored with what you’re doing.

Here at Aqua Action Water Slides, we compiled a list of things that you can do to keep yourself occupied and excited while staying with your family.

Some of the contents are free for a limited time or at a discounted price!

  1. Browse and read a good book

If you like books, now is the perfect time to get back on your reading. It could be the book you bought from months ago or a book you purchased online.

If you’ve heard about Scribd (audiobook, e-book, and magazine subscription service), they’re offering 30-day free access to their entire collection for a limited time.

In an announcement from the Scribd CEO and Founder Trip Adler, he said:

“At Scribd, we believe reading is the most powerful tool we have for connecting and sharing the human experience. Reading can offer incredible comfort: it reduces anxiety and makes us feel more accomplished and even happier.”

“So, for the next month, we will be making Scribd’s library — which includes millions of ebooks, audiobooks, magazine articles, and more — available to anyone, free, for 30 days”

For people who want to step up their reading, you can join a book club and monitor your progress with friends or other book enthusiasts online!

Looking for another reading alternative? Audible is another way to enjoy books. From best-selling novels to home workouts, they promise a more mobile and relaxing setup. They offer a 30-day trial in their wide selection of audiobooks for new subscribers.

2. Enjoy countless hours of streaming movies and series

To promote staying at home and contain the pandemic, a lot of streaming services now offer free access for a limited amount of time. One of the big-league companies, HBO, has announced last April 3, that they’re offering a vast collection of their content for free:

In an almost 500-hour worth of streaming content now accessible, HBO also announces this campaign through twitter with the hashtag #StayHomeBoxOffice.

For other mainstream services – Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Hulu offer a 30-day free trial for their content while Disney+ offers a 7-day free trial. It’s all exclusive for new subscribers.

3. Keep yourself fit and healthy while at home 

With the gym and other fitness groups are forced to close during the pandemic, you’re probably having a hard time making a DIY workout at home. Luckily, we found some channels from Youtube to keep your mind and body active.

a. For getting the best workout without any equipment, Fraser Wilson, provides easy and accessible workouts from the comfort of your own home.

b. For yoga classes, check out Yoga with Adriene. She makes high-quality free yoga videos of all levels, all bodies, all genders, and all souls!

c. If you’re quarantined with your children or older adults, you can keep them involved and healthy with this exercise videos from Go4Life


4. Reorganise your furniture and clean your things

While staying at home 24/7 can be overwhelming, combining your home from work activity can even be more daunting. This could be an opportunity for you to rearrange your furniture to give you a fresh look and atmosphere inside your house

a. Try a new living room setup – your living room is the most centralised part of your house. The way that it’s arranged may work for you for years, but it can help you get your mind off things. Also, the best part is it doesn’t cost you any money.

Focus your attention on big furniture like the sofa and build your other stuff around it. You can also redecorate other parts of your house to complement your interior design.

b. Clean out your storage and closets – we’re all guilty of accumulating tons and tons of stuff we don’t need. Clearing out your old and unused stuff can save you some space and maybe a trip down to memory lane.

Arranging your closet will help you get more systematise and familiarise yourself again with all of your clothes and things. You’ll be surprised by how much clothes you have and don’t wear anymore.


5. Continue your home project

We all have some projects that we’re putting off for a while now. It could be installing a new countertop in your kitchen or maintaining the necessary parts around the house. Regardless, now is a great time to think about it while we have the opportunity.

Here are some things you can check to keep your home running efficiently:

a. Inspect your carbon monoxide and smoke detectors – it might be the time to replace the batteries or even the unit. Make sure that your detectors are placed in the right places around your house.

b. Observe your gutters and downspouts – there’s nothing wrong in making sure your drainage runs smoothly. Check if there’s any obstruction inside your drain that may interrupt the flow.

c. Clean your air conditioning coils – examine if there’s any clog in your pipes that might affect the performance of your unit. Be careful, it’s better to get professional help if you don’t have the necessary tools for cleaning it.

d. Trim and clear your lawn – a good looking lawn can attract your kids to play outside. It provides a great area for other activities like celebrations, pool parties, and intimate ambiance. Also, it offers you a perfect place to sit back and have some privacy.


6. Upgrade your backyard and swimming pool

Your backyard can be an essential part of your house. It serves as an extension of your home entertainment without worrying about any fragile items laying around. There’s a lot of options on how to revamp your current backyard.

Here are some tips we recommend:

a. Polish and add furniture to your deck – providing a well-put, neat, and calming outdoor setup might be just you need for this long staycation. Adding a few furniture might help you convince your kids to stay outside and play.

b. Include elements in your lawn – placing a picnic table, playhouse for your kids, or just making a pathway to your swimming pool can help add layers to your lawn. Take your outdoor living space to the next level.

c. Enhance your swimming pool session – add an extra factor to your swimming pool to keep you and your kids active. It could be a slide, diving board, or even pool games. Aqua Action Water Slides, provides the safest and most durable pool equipment in the area. It’s perfect for your staycation and the next summer season.

Doing most of these activities can be easy if joined by everyone in the household. But more importantly, the best thing you can do right now is stay home and spend some time with your family.

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